Should the Florida Democratic Party [allow primaries?]

A writer made the suggestion, that because REPUBLICANS have been so successful, through gerrymandering and fear mongering have captured nearly every seat in Florida Government, we should eschew primaries, and allow the party leadership to select the candidates, instead of wasting the time and resources necessary for a more democratic vetting process. I responded this way.

While I can appreciate in the “ideal” the concept of conserving resources, and developing the necessary unanimity behind a PRE-selected (as opposed to a nominated and electorally selected) candidate. However, even in these extraordinary times I for one, denounce the BACK ROOM SELECTION from on high! And I further oppose the scuttling of the primary as a useful tool. It has several additional benefits, besides its ability to nurture a deep bench of candidates.

If you ask would it be great to have the same sort of DEEP POCKETS OF THE MINORITY FEUDALISM PARTY? Well yes. The solution, is simple just SELL-OUT!. It’s been done before. And we’ve seen the results. The very idea of DEMOCRACY… little “d” is that the rank and file, actually participate in the process of selecting the candidates.

Not just NOD IN SYNCHRONIZED SOLDIERLY FASHION at those CHOSEN from on-high. What’s wrong with a tough as nails, knock down drag out primary campaign. Maybe  the results would help teach a potential pool of candidates, how to actually DO RETAIL POLITICS! You know, with its meetings, debates, and the general rough and tumble of big hairy public policy.

PEOPLE DO YOU WANT to return to the times when the princes and the cardinals go into a thickly curtained room, and there in the dark corridors of power they  select exactly who you can pretend represents your interests. Are you actually proposing to return to anointed candidates. UNDER THE GUISE OF MARSHALING RESOURCES WE GAVE UP our choice?  That my friends is ONE HELLUVA EPITAPH for democracy!


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