The Florida Democratic Party … may allow voter participation

The Florida Democratic Party ... is still considering voter participation
They have formed a committee to advise the first committee.
Thanks to D.Tilson for this quote:
"“The issue got sent back to the policy committee to be re-worked, another committee was formed to help the policy committee re-work the issue (insert joke here), I told them I was tired of being taken for granted and primaries work to vet out pseudo dems who talk the talk but don’t have the record to back up their claims of being a democrat.”"
The party should be thanking the Progressive Activists who continue to remind vested interests, and "THE POWERS THAT BBB"
that the people should be actually involved in vetting candidates. Otherwise the nobles can just appoint their investor
and business cronies and dispense will the remaining illusions of a participatory democracy!

solidarity & peace

Rick Spisak

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