Custom Solar Equipment

Solar panels on a commercial building providing alternate powerSolar electric systems are custom engineered for each particular project depending on size, location and area environment.
For a quick online estimation of system size, cost and savings, please click on My Solar Estimator button below. Calculations and examples are very conservative, most people can expect to save more.
Package includes the major components for installation as outlined below. The Balance of System [BOS] components are supplied by the installer.

Engineering design is available as an option. This service includes a custom design for your specific residential application [commercial systems vary, call for details]; our engineers work together with you and/or your installer to design a system and determine a complete BOS component list. We supply CAD drawings and Engineering Submittals sealed by our Florida Professional Engineer [PE] ready for submission to the building department. Building Departments in other states may require a local engineer review and seal. Our Engineering Department and Installation Department will assist you with technical questions pertaining to your installation. Balance of System components can also be ordered with the Engineering Option. This includes a custom tailored package of all components to complete the installation [except conduit].

These systems can be installed by the do-it-yourselfer, however, the wiring connections should be installed by a qualified electrical or solar contractor. Some rebate programs require a Licensed Contractor to qualify for the rebate. Solar Direct offers installation services in Florida and some other limited service areas. We can also work with your choice of contractors; please call for quotation.