The Caldicott Symposium

Fukushima Nuclear Explosion

Fukushima Nuclear Explosion



The Caldicott Symposium was a LIVE STREAMED EVENT where scientists and activists shared their researches into the ongoing nightmare scenario that is Fukushima Dai’ichi.

The placed Fukushima in the context of the ongoing disaster that remains for those who live in the shadow of the Chernobyl releases and event yet live and eat in a contaminated environment. PNN excerpted  a few select speeches and provide them here for your information.

We urge everyone to inform themselves about the continued releases that mar not only the Japanese countryside, but also the pacific sealife and taint the winds and currents that cross the pacific.

Click here for PNN ‘s Excerpts  [Click Here]

Click here for the Caldicott Symposium [now available]


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